Tasleem Jamila, CEO of My Soul Speaks, LLC is a certified holistic lifestyle educator, certified energy practitioner, plant-based nutritionist, fasting and cleansing counselor who comes from generations of farmers and spiritual natural medicine women and men. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Complementary & Alternative Health and she is currently completing a Master's program, Spirituality, Culture & Health to further her knowledge at Western Michigan University. Her father grew up on a farm in Mississippi and always had a garden and grew his own food on land even when moving to the Midwest. Tasleem's first job was going door to door selling fruits and vegetables with her Dad and at their family grocery store on the Southside of Chicago which served the community for over 30 years. Her grandmothers and mother passed down natural remedies and energy healing that is embedded in her DNA. 
Not only does she speak about health and empowerment, she lives it! At the age of 16 her aunt passed away of cancer in her early 30's. Tasleem was moved to action as her self-reflecting journey began. She started researching, asking, soul searching, reading and doing the things to live a holistic lifestyle. She said, "I want to live life filled with LIGHT and be an example for others who are hurting". She has helped many on a path to holistic living for over 15 years. For over 20 years she has transformed her life through yoga, fasting, cleansing, martial arts, vegetarian/vegan foods and many daily practices of holistic wellness.
Tasleem has been mentored by some of the best in the nation. But most importantly she is the manifestation of a holistic lifestyle and continues to learn, train and grow.

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