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                                   Black Baptist Muslim Mystic: From the Cosmos



Over 70 poems, song lyrics, and journal entries. She is known for her dynamic energy on stages. 

You will be captivated by her journey on pages. Tasleem Jamila takes you with her on her continuous 

spiritual evolution: “Reading is a gateway to a new world, eternity, imagination, portals of knowledge…

the unknown…,” from Tasleem Jamila el-Hakim Black Baptist: Black is the dark matter of space where

creativity Is formed, the womb of the mother and the mind, Man/Woman is mind, I am a Black woman,

I have experience being Black on this planet and growing up in a Black neighborhood in America…

I grew up going to a Baptist Church as a child. I still sing old school spiritual songs that are embedded in

my soul…these songs came from my ancestors to get us through hard times rejoicing in the Creator…

And I still rejoice with them… Muslim Mystic: One who strives to submit to the will of The Most High

I have always been connected and aware of my spiritual life.
Poems on her life’s journey…Tasleem’s inner-verse; Vibrating Higher resonating with the Oneness of all…

The oneness of God, religious and spiritual paths…




















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