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From Mississippi Clay to African Skies: In Search of Sacred Presence:

As a Black girl from the south side of Chicago with ancestral roots in Mississippi and Africa, Tasleem Jamila poetically conveys her quest for knowledge and a deepening relationship with God. This collection masterfully weaves together the intricate intersections of sacred spiritual Sufi poetry, Islamic mystical moments, and the rich dimensions of the Black Atlantic diaspora.

Available Now!

Black Baptist Muslim Mystic: From the Cosmos: This book is the first full poetry collection from award winning international poet Tasleem Jamila.  The poems in this book are relevant for the times we live in today. They scream, freedom, self-love, social justice for humanity, spiritual journey, hope, joy and pain. Tasleem takes you with her on her continuous spiritual evolution. Over 70 poems, song lyrics, and journal entries. She is known for her dynamic energy on stages. You will be captivated by her journey on pages.

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