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Tasleem Jamila Firdausee' is an award-winning poet, writer, multi-disciplinary artist, interdisciplinary scholar, cultural curator and organizer and holistic wellness therapist who uses heart-centered storytelling to examine the intersections of culture, spirituality, and indigenous holistic healing modalities. She has performed her works extensively nationally across the US and internationally, including Senegal, Ghana, Canada, England, South Africa, and Malaysia, and continues to tour worldwide. 

Tasleem Jamila- Sacred Artist

Her latest book, From Mississippi Clay to African Skies in Search of Sacred Presence, has received excellent reviews and is used in classrooms across the US. In addition, she recently released a new album, "Activated," which is her second studio album. Tasleem's play, Portals Open, was featured in the Chicago Hip-Hop Festival and chosen for the Pan African Art Festival in South Africa. She is a 2020-2021 IMAN Creative Cypher Artist fellow. Her work focuses on social action, connecting artists and cultural activists, community empowerment, and revitalization utilizing indigenous sound healing modalities and technology in alignment with a focus on the intellectual and artistic dimensions. 

Tasleem Jamila Photo Shoot . Tanisha Lynn Pyron Photography

Tasleem graduated with a Master of Arts in Spirituality, Culture & Health and a graduate certificate in Holistic Approaches to Mindfulness from Western Michigan University and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Complementary & Alternative Health. She is also a registered and certified yoga teacher, reiki energy healer, sound healer and currently completing a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Spirituality & Healing/Sufism/Black Women in Religion). Additionally, Tasleem has studied Islam and Arabic with traditional master teachers. Her current initiatives include the founder of My Soul Speaks InstituteFirdausee Consulting, and the Art As Sacred initiative.

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