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Tasleem Jamila

Tasleem Jamila’s art is an experience of interactive empowerment healing activism. In her career, she has always written and performed work that speaks to the human condition and writes remedies to ails and issues. She also writes about personal experiences and perspectives of voices often silenced. Tasleem’s art world consists of spoken word poetry, healing melodic frequencies, Hip-Hop music, theater, art education, and performances with high energy stage presence.


Tasleem became acutely aware very early in her having a desire to create as an artist. She is grateful her parents and early teachers nurtured and helped her claim the power of words and stories that in turn led her to train and develop her voice, imagination, and self-expression to become the artist she is today.


In her career, she has recently taken on the alias “The Lyrical Healer” after so many people have come up to her after witnessing performances saying her words are very enlightening and powerful. Tasleem takes time and much deliberate effort when she skillfully writes lyrics.

On her journey in life, she lives a natural holistic lifestyle with plant-based food, crystals, herbs, etc., and is also a certified holistic health consultant and certified meditation therapist. She has married her lifestyle with art and performance. Having studied with master artists and musicians, she takes from that experience. She has developed her work with her company, My Soul Speaks, creating high-frequency healing sound therapy live interactive workshops and performances.

She brings her message of social justice and healing sound word power and performance to youth organizations, schools, universities, festivals, and healing circles.


Art should move culture and think forward; it should represent progress. It should be used positively to uplift and unify communities. Over the years, she has done just that. Initially, she began acting in films, directing stage productions for youth, designing fashion for shows and artists, and performing spoken word poetry and Hip Hop on stage to traveling, expanding with interactive enlightening performance/lectures. Her art consist of call and response, conscious breathing, and affirmations, all while engaging the audience and performing to edutain.

The focus is on the whole being: heart, spiritual, emotional, physical, imaginative growth, and experience. As Tasleem grows and expands in research, knowledge, and enlightenment with sacred movement, rhythm, sound healing, and redirecting DNA trauma, her art and projects evolve.

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