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If you’re interested in personally supporting My Soul Speaks, Tasleem Jamila, please know that—as an independent artivist (artist + activist) organization—we truly need and appreciate the support. Your generous contributions help My Soul Speaks meet its commitments to both the youth and artist community for all the love healing work we put into the world. 








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Tasleem Jamila’s divine purpose in life is to be a vessel used by the most high to create art, healing events, projects and music to share with the world. She is 100% independent and would create more if funding allowed. Tasleem teaches youth and also adults who don’t have the money to pay and would love to do more of this with your support.
There is nothing more rewarding than having someone tell you that you are the reason they write or perform poetry or you are the reason they love on themselves and believe they are amazing. My main aim for Patreon is to create content for supporters that is personal, useful and edutainment. I will be sharing video only to you that is behind the scenes in my days working on writing, with youth teaching, holistic health videos with advice, studio sessions, recipes and more. Pledging will give you access to more exclusive content! You can check out the rewards section to see exactly what I have to offer! 
I would like to say genuinely thank you so much for considering to become my patron. Any contribution is greatly appreciated! Click here to find out how you can contribute monthly:

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