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Greetings! Soul Portal Tribe Member

It's time to enter into soul portals.

 Group starts December 21st (Winter Solstice)

The Soul Portal Tribe was given to me this year during my time in deep meditation and contemplation. There are so many coaching programs and consultants and there are some amazing ones doing transformative work. But I had to ask myself what makes my soul portal courses unique to my path of knowledge, wisdom and blissful transformation. Over the years I've had advisors and attended programs that just tell you to copy and paste from other programs and add your spices. This was not successful for me because it was not my whole soul and the soul lessons and spiritual transformation rituals, work and path that the most high has had me on for 25 years. 

I prayed, meditated and fasted and received answers to write out what I used to be successful for over 25 years on this beautiful life journey body, heart, and soul.

I am pouring and giving my all to my sisters in this special space. All your true beauty and greatness lives within YOU! Allow me to assist you on your sacred journey!

Welcome to a community of divine love.

Welcome to the Soul Portal Tribe!!!



You are ready to activate your life on all levels

You are ready to take a paradigm shift for the new next level YOU

You want experts and professional coaching who truly care about your growth and well being

Monthly Masterclass

Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Exclusive Members Only Content

Book Club

You are ready for a personalized daily plan with recipes, meditations & movement.

High Value Giveaways

You are a multi-layered entrepreneur/artist

Accountability, Clarity & Structure

The Private Facebook Group

Exclusive pricing on events, courses & products

Discounts on private 1on1 Coaching

Membership Question & Answers:

Membership can be canceled at any time, however, there are no refunds. You will remain in the group until your monthly membership expires.

Access to the Soul Portal Tribe:

The Soul Portal Tribe is a private Facebook group. 


1) Make a monthly payment

2) A confirmation email will be sent with the Facebook group link inside before Dec. 21st

3) Click the link in email and request to join the group.

4) An administrator will confirm your payment and accept you into the group within 24 hours.

5) When you make your payment fill out your Facebook name so we will know it is you.

Peace & Divine Love!

I am Tasleem Jamila and I love to assist women on the journey to live a blissful life! We can exist in a realm of divine abundance in our physical health, heart health, spiritual practices and our divine assignment. 

I've facilitated retreats, workshops and performed all across the globe. I want to share my knowledge, wisdom and expertise in living a holistic healthy bliss life.

As an herbalist, spiritual coach, nutritional consultant and sound therapist, we will go deeper into cultivating the heart and elevating joy in every area of our lives...

Fez, Morocco
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