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Tasleem Jamila- Sacred Artist

Tasleem Jamila

Poet, Recording Artist, Author, Healing Artist Educator

Poetry & Spoken Word 101: The Business and Art Form

Online- 11:00 am est - 3:00 pm est -

Saturday. February 20, 2021

Are you a poet or spoken word artist? This workshop is for those just beginning, experienced, stage poets, page poets, secret poets. 

Internationally renowned poet Tasleem Jamila will share the details of creating a great poem for stage and/or page. She will walk you through a poetry exericse and give you feedback on your writing and delivery. 

The second half of the workshop will give you full information on how to publish a poetry book, record an album or song, book shows, and other untalked about ways to make money as a poet. 


Join us for a one day bootcamp writing poetry and learning how to create a book, song, book shows and get your "real" questions answered by someone who has been in the business for over 20 years as an artist!



Tasleem Jamila has been a professional poet for decades traveling the world making a living writing, performing, teaching and other streams of income that come from being a poet!

This is a class that will get you real information where you can start right after the class publishing your book, writing more meaningful poetry or making spoken word album. 

Allow yourself to finally get your projects out to the world. The world is waiting for you to speak and get the words from your notebook, phone or computer to a professional book or album project!



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Online Course

I am Tasleem Jamila, founder of My Soul Speaks Institute, author of Black Baptist Muslim Mystic book, Spoken word artist/musician of Multiple projects.

I create and facilitate spiritual holistic classes online and live in person that nourishes the heart and soul utilizing ancient healing modalities to thrive in the current world. 

Live online class

Saturday, February 20, 2021

11:00 am est - 3:00 pm est

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