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Release Date June 2020

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Light Peace



Tasleem Jamila

LIGHT & PEACE- This project is a masterful book and guided meditation unique to Tasleem Jamila's experience, artistry, and expertise. As an Artist and Holistic Health Educator and Coach, this is a beautiful blend of meditation, breathwork, poetry, zikr, singing, singing bowls, drums, and other natural instruments that activate and elevate the energy centers in the body. 

This book and EP is a combination of guided poems utilize sound therapy, and guided writing prompts. It is inspired by the 99 Names of Allah that are beautifully spoken in the meditation and included in the guided journal for deep contemplation.

Each Meditation Poetic Song is a journey into your inner world. As the world is shifting to a higher frequency, so are we. This EP and book are a treasure into the realms of the higher consciousness with creativity.

Book will be sent on June 30, 2020

Pre-Order Both - EP & Book


Book & EP will be sent on June 30, 2020

Tasleem Jamila




This musical poetic spiritual meditation EP will allow you to tap into your heart center and surrender to your highest self. Each track will activate and stimulate high vibrations for your energy centers (chakras). With dhikr, chants, mantras, and poetry that uplifts with each inhale and exhale guiding you to a tranquil state.

EP will be sent to download on June 30, 2020
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