TASLEEM JAMILA aka The Lyrical Healer™

Tasleem Jamila, CEO of My Soul Speaks LLC, a native of Chicago is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, poet, docu-filmmaker, curator, fashion designer, playwright, actor, holistic health and artist educator, whose body of work focuses on social action, community empowerment and revitalization utilizing indigenous sound healing modalities and technology. Her sound is a fusion of hip-hop, spirituals, mystical chants, and lyrical soul. She is completing a Master's program in Spirituality, Culture and Health at Western Michigan University. Her knowledge and experience has led her to teach K-12, university level and adult classes and workshops. 


With performances, lectures, and workshops that include The Kennedy Center, Excel London, Columbia University, NYU, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois to name a few. She has performed and lead workshops across the US as well as Europe, Africa, and Canada and continues to tour worldwide. Her latest work is the play "Portals Open" written and directed by Tasleem which premiered at the Chicago Hip-Hip Theater Festival in 2019. She is currently touring Portals Open with an educational curriculum and exhibit to accompany. Tasleem's book of poetry, Black Baptist Muslim Mystic received critical acclaim in addition to her album “Tasleem” debut was alongside a fashion line of

afro-futuristic clothing release and live and unplugged DVD “My Soul Speaks”. Her first docu-film was created in Ghana, Africa, "My Journey Home" and debuted in West Michigan with a panel of scholars and community activist with a conversation about connecting Africans in the diaspora at the Black Arts and Cultural Center Gail Synder Gallery. She is sought after for her captivating energy as a host, professional skills as a cultural producer and educating activist as a workshop facilitator. Her next book and EP are scheduled for release early 2020 accompanied with a world tour.





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