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Tasleem Jamila Firdausee' is an award-winning renowned international poet, author, scholar, playwright, songwriter, producer, and fashion designer who uses heart-centered poetic storytelling to examine the intersections of culture, spirituality, and indigenous holistic healing modalities. She has performed her works extensively across the US and other countries, including Senegal, Ghana, Canada, England, South Africa, and Malaysia, and continues to tour worldwide. 


Her latest book, Black Baptist Muslim Mystic, has received excellent reviews and is used in classrooms across the US. In addition, she recently released a new album, "Activated," which is her second studio album. Tasleem's play, Portals Open, was featured in the Chicago Festival and chosen for the Pan African Art Festival in South Africa. She is a 2020-2021 IMAN Creative Cypher Artist fellow. Her work focuses on social action, connecting artists and cultural activists of African descent, community empowerment, and revitalization utilizing indigenous sound healing modalities and technology in alignment with a focus on the intellectual and artistic dimensions. She has trained with master musicians and cosmic composers Master Kelan Phil Cohran, Reginald R. Robinson, Kerwin Young, and Khari Lemuel. Tasleem performances, lectures, and seminars include The Kennedy Center, Excel London, Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois, to name a few. She is sought after for her magnetic energy as a host, professional skills as a cultural producer, and educating activists as a workshop facilitator. Her next book and EP are scheduled for release in 2022. 

Firdausee is a sought-after public speaker and workshop facilitator on a range of topics, including: restorative healing in teaching, art is healing, Islam and art, sacred sound in music, the art of spoken word performance, sacred Sufi poetry, praise poetry, Afro-futurism, divine feminine in art, Hip Hop education, empowering youth voices, and issues of diversity and inclusion. 

Tasleem graduated with a Master of Arts in Spirituality, Culture & Health and a graduate certificate in Holistic Approaches to Mindfulness from Western Michigan University and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Complementary & Alternative Health. She is also a Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher. 

Her additional initiatives include the founder of My Soul Speaks Institute, Firdausee Consulting, and the Art As Sacred initiative.

Tasleem Jamila- Sacred Artist
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